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A slow day for "normal" work tonight. There are a chunk of funds jobs in that involve making the same three small edits to each of a couple of hundred of files. After which, we print out something like 15 pieces of paper to allow proofreading to check all the various parts of the job for each of these files. Seems a bit excessive, but proofreading is checking about six different things including whether or not you made the edit.

Also had my performance evaluation today. Was rated as "Exceeds Expectations" overall and received a 2.5% pay raise. I try not to think of this as a .5% pay cut after inflation. My "areas for improvement" included a few things that I hadn't heard of before my evaluation. For example, when work is slow or when I'm concentrating on a long task, I'll frequently turn up my iPod to block out environmental noise. So when someone wants my attention, they have to come up and tap me on the shoulder or wave at me from across the room. My evaluation informed me that we have a policy that if headphones are worn, that only one should be on at a time, the other worn off the ear.

So I let my manager know that I didn't think it fair to be evaluated on things that I'd not been told were a problem and she agreed in most cases. The one thing that's still an issue is that I come in early without approval and subsequently leave early. I see this as saving the company excessive overtime and staying reasonably within my scheduled hours. I pointed out that if coming in early was a problem, that it would be trivial to simply not pay me for those minutes that I clock in early. That'd change my behavior in a hurry!

I was also chided for not taking enough initiative to improve myself. I pointed out that over the last year or so, ever time I've tried to do that, I was stone-walled at every turn. It feels good to stop beating your head against a brick wall after a while.

Overall, I find the evaluation process an odd one. I liked the theory of the practice at ADC. There, the idea was that you'd receive a 6-month review which would be much like this evaluation. Certain problems would be brought up that you hadn't heard of before. But you weren't evaluated for raises and such at that review. That gave you six months to work on the perceived problems before the evaluation of your behavior. Of course, in practice, the process worked just like this one, but the theory was sound.

Apart from that, it was very much a wasted day for me. Didn't even stay awake to watch any of the baseball game tonight. Had a hard time getting to sleep but napped on and off all day. Nothing of much import accomplished all 'round.

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