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Another short night

Another night of little work at work. After putting together a 70-page job that would have been easier if someone at the client's hadn't thought they could make an "interesting" looking document, I asked if there was any reason for me to stick around. Nothing due before Monday and most of that not until the afternoon. There will be people in Saturday and Sunday so leaving them a thing or two to do will keep them from going nuts.

The big news around the house is that I found my cell phone! I'd lost it about a week ago and figured that it would turn up somewhere. Well, since it's Ericka's life-line to me, she was concerned about it and we'd made plans to get me a new one. She contacted Qwest, our provider, and had them suspend service on the old phone and get all set for me to pick out a new one and get it activated.

So I go off to and have a look at the phones they have available. I start by looking at the "Personal" phones. They have six phones, ranging from $50 to $300. Six! The one of these that I"d like is the second-most expensive. So I figure I'll take a look at their "Business" phones, hoping for more options. Their business phones? The same six! The only difference between the pages is the background color behind the descriptions of the phones! What a waste.

So today the guy that mows my lawn when I'm too damn lazy to do it myself stopped by to see if I wanted him to mow the revived lawn. I told him I was going to let it grow a bit more (which is my plan to gather clippings for composting over the winter). He went off but quickly came back with my phone! He'd found it in the yard; musta fell off while I was weeding one day. Yay!

Finished To-Do Item #1 for NaNoWriMo yesterday: Cleaned off the desk. It's odd sitting here with all this empty horizontal space around me. The cat likes it a lot, though, she's been crawling beneath the shelf bit and generally making good use of the new surfaces.

Got little sleep today as Ericka needed my assistance off an on during the day. Plus the lawn-mowing guy stopped by. So the effect was that I would get a maximum of two hours of sleep before being woken up by one thing or another. I finally got good sleep (nearly three hours worth!) during the Cubs/Marlins game. Good to see the Cubs won! Didn't get to see the end of the game myself as I needed to get off to work. Now that I'm back home, I think I'll grab a bite to eat and have a little nap.

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