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Burning Fiend

So I'm having great fun with my new FireWire CD-RW drive. I'm pawing through all the CDs in my collection and working out combinations that tickle my fancy. (And finding out that, hey, I've got a lot of CDs. Not as many as some, and not nearly as many as I'd like, but quite a bite more than I thought.)

My latest compilations are specially designed to meet my driving needs. The best radio station in town changed format a while ago and since then, I've been without good tunes while driving. Since I'm prone to falling asleep while driving, this is bad. I long ago discovered the best thing to keep me awake on road trips, short or long, is songs to sing along with, the more up-beat the better.

So yesterday, I put together a CD I'm calling "Road Folk." It's the cream pulled from the various Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger recordings I own. I left Arlo's classic "Alice's Restaurant" off the disc because it'd take up too much of the space. ("I've been singing this song for 45 minutes....")

And this evening, I delved into my Replacements collection to throw together some of my favorites with an upbeat twist. I call this one "Car Mats" and it includes most of my favorites as well as some sweet cuts from the "All for Nothing" compilation of their work for Sire records. (I couldn't find my copy of "Tim" and so the CD is lacking "Little Mascara," one of my favorites, but it's a small flaw I can live with.)

I'll be heading to Milwaukee next week for the annual gaming convention there. (Though it's moving to Indianapolis next year. Yikes!) I'll be making a few more CDs before then and should be well equipped for the drive.

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