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Another Friday night

Nothing to do at work. Well, there may be some stuff that comes out of proofreading sporadically throughout the night, but nothing due until Monday at the earliest.

Spent a chunk of time going through the plant lists at Prairie Nursery to select plants that attract butterflies, birds, or both. Now have a sheet with pink and yellow highlights where appropriate. This will form the base of browsing at Landscape Alternatives in the next stage of garden planning. That'll probably be the spring, but I can diddle with layout plans over winter.

Happily listening to tunes in preparation of a party tomorrow evening. Have gone through my "Jigs & Reels" playlist a couple of times and moved on to my "Driving" playlist, which includes many songs I'm likely to hear tomorrow as well as a few I wish people would learn and play, but, hey, one takes what one can get. Am all bouncy about the party prospect. Will be good to get out and socialize.

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