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Just another day

Was thinking, "Did I do anything journal-worthy today?" Got up, made dinner, watched the Twins game, went to work. Nope, not a lot there.

Was a good Twins game, even though they lost. The Yankees got out to a 1-run lead in the first inning. All season long, Brad Radke, the Twins pitcher, has been rough the first inning. What was remarkable, to me, was that with the bases loaded an no outs, the Yankees only got one run that first inning.

Torii Hunter tied it up for the Twins with his first post-season home run in the fifth. It was tied up to the bottom of the seventh. LaTroy Hawkins had a rough outing and gave up three runs to put New York in front. All in all, though, the Twins hung tough. I expected them to get blown out in the second game and it looked like they had a chance to win it for a good long while.

The next games are here in Minneapolis on Saturday and Sunday. People will have a great time with that and I'll enjoy watching on TV.

Even though I could have purchased a strip of post-season tickets earlier, I didn't. I wasn't happy with where I'd be able to sit to watch the games. I used the credit I had left over from last year's post-season tickets to secure good lower-level seats for my season ticket package this year. When it came to post-season tickets, however, I would have ended up with what I consider the crappiest seats in the Metrodome: lower reserved. These seats are probably great for football games, but for baseball, they have you craning in your seat to watch the action all game long. No thanks.

So if the Twins beat the Yankees, I'll have to call my ticket agent at the Twins office and see what kind of seats I can get for the ALCS and World Series.

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