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Mulch, mulch, work, work

A friend swung by and dropped off a pick-up load of wood chips yesterday. Then we took a field trip to the St. Paul site near my house where the city dumps theirs and has compost a-plenty in the spring. Today, I carted some of the chips in 5-gallon bucketfuls to the south side of the house where the plantings went in a couple of weeks ago. I covered up the two to three feet of bare area where there are no new plants for the length of the area and then put little chipped buffer zones along each end. I've got a bit of wood chips left so I'll cart some in to put among the plants over the next few days. Early Saturday, I may try to borrow a truck and get another load for the front.

The squirrels are still pulling up the grass plugs from the front garden. Annoying, but the plants don't seem to be being unduly harmed by it. They still have nice tops (if the bunnies haven't nibbled them). I think I'll get out and give them another watering in the morning.

I ran into my buddy Bob after work yesterday. It was comic day at his shop so he was in early and I was leaving work late. Was good to see him as it's been far too long. We chatted about baseball and gaming for a bit, he asked after Ericka's well-being and like that. Then we made a date to have breakfast this morning, so that'll be cool.

The multitude of jobs that we got a few weeks ago to work on are due this Friday. We're down to the last half dozen of these or so and those are nearly ready to go. We should get the last proofreading markup on most of them tonight and will be able to get them ready for quality check in the morning. That'll give us a full day of double-checking before they have to be sent to the customer service center in New York for delivery to the client.

The good thing that's come out of this is that we're doing some good process development along the way. We now have a check-list of all the little steps that have to be followed to get through the job from start to finish. I've talked with the developers who deal with creating the style files and templates that we use to speed our work and have shared good feedback with them. Looks like we're heading in a path to make this whole thing work better and better. There's still some issues that will need working on, but the avenues of communication are staying open, which is cool.

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