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Singing in the car

At CONvergence over the 4th of July weekend, I attended the MNStf music party on Saturday night. Ended up staying until 5:00 the next morning and had a grand old time. One of the highlights for me was chatting with Nate Bucklin as he left. He remarked he was glad to see I was doing more with my singing than just talking about it. (I had asked Nate a few weeks earlier if he knew of a voice coach and earlier that evening had finished one of the verses of one of his songs when his voice caught in his throat.)

It felt great to get a compliment from someone who's opinion I respect. Earlier in the evening I'd asked Nate if he'd play "I Want" from his recent CD. It's a very Nate-like song in that it's upbeat and catchy but the lyrics range from humorous to so painfully real you know they're taken from his life. At the time he told me that, while he'd recorded the song, he didn't remember the lyrics. So after thanking him for his compliment I told him I'd learn the words to the song.

So I've been playing Nate's CD in the car on my travels over the intervening weeks. When I get to "I Want," I repeat the track several times as I sing along, memorizing the words. I've got it down now and eagerly await the chance to rehearse it with Nate.

I Want (words and music copyright Nate Bucklin)

I don't want the cash in the treasury
I don't want the train to wait for me
I don't want to drown in the pouring rain
I sure don't want to bring my good friends pain

I want to live next to the sea
I want you to keep your TV
I want you to let me go free
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want a night out on the town
I want you to follow me down
I want to slip under and drown
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I don't want a crown that'll make me king
I don't want you giving me anything
Don't want to spread my troubles all over town
Sure don't want to bring my good friends down

I want to find out how to drive
I want to know when I'll arrive
I want to be dead or alive
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want you to break through my wall
I want you to come when I call
I want to stop wanting at all
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want to be more than a friend
I want you to love me again
I want this to come to an end
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want to be next to your heart
I want you to know where to start
I want they can't keep us apart
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want us to jump into bed
I want it to go to your head
I want you to kiss me instead
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want all the love you can give
I want to go run through a sieve
I want one good reason to live
I want
Don't let me be lonely

I want to be out of your debt
I want us to never have met
I want and I wish I could get
I want
Don't let me be lonely

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