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Plants and soup

Well, with the help of minnehaha B&K and my friend Joe and his two little boys, we got all the plants in. The grasses ended up costing me about $150 and so I picked up some Heath Aster to round the order out to $200. The aster went in on the south side of the house, it should look good with the Junegrass in the springs.

The big plot in the front yard went very quickly because it was well tilled, whereas the south plot had simply been dug by hand. Further, the south plot was close to the house and therefore quite rocky in places. This is part of why I chose the prairie grasses and flowers; many of them do quite well in remarkably poor soils. Another thing that made the front go quickly was the good teamwork. Working in pairs and having a plan of planting the middle first made the work go quite quickly.

Joe and his boys scampered home afterwards, but minnehaha stuck around for my soup. It got rave reviews, for which I am proud, those folks know their food. I liked it myself, of course, and it was amazing to pop outside to let the dog out and then come back in to the smell; rich, earthy and all-together wonderful.

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