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Planning events

I've been scoping out the various layouts for gardens at Prairie Nursery in an attempt to figure how many grass plants I want to buy for my gardening project. It's looking like having a grass plant every two feet or so should work out well. That will give them room to do their thing and allow flowers to be planted between them for contrast and color. Also, the grasses often serve to support the flowers, allowing them to be taller and showier.

I have also, as part of this process, figured out the flowers I want to use on the south side of the house. This area is quite sandy/rocky for the half near the house sloping down to a more mesic soil where the lawn was established. Near the house and bulging out from the edges, I'm going to put in Birdsfoot Violet. This will be a good ground-cover and should be aggressive enough to keep weeds from encroaching. I'm going to leave two to three feet along the fence with my neighbor to allow access for maintenance and will border that with a mix of the violets and Prairie Smoke. Behind these the grasses (Junegrass and Little Bluestem) will be mixed with Harebell, White and Purple Prairie Clover, and Heath Aster. The focal point plants will be outside the window where Ericka will be able to see them and the critters that visit them, Western Sunflower and Bergamot.

That should, if I'm reading things correctly, give me a variety of blooms throughout the spring and summer, keep things relatively short and should be pleasant enough to look at for the neighbors while keeping maintenance at a minimum for me. I mostly likely won't have all the flowers for the planting party Saturday, but will have the grasses. I'll have to consult the measurements at home for quantities.

For the front garden, I have so many ideas for flowers that I don't think I'll worry about getting any of that work out for now. What I'll do instead is pick up the grasses I want and work out which of those go where. That will form the canvas on which I can paint the flowers in the spring. Got that area measured yesterday as well so I can figure quantities of plants needed when I get home.

I should have all the vegetables and spices I need for the stock so I should go pick up the meat tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll get some chicken and go with extra wings because a), I like wings and b) they have lots of connective tissue that will make for rich stock. I'm tempted to figure out a pouch recipe to try out based on the Good Eats episode I saw the other day. I think I have, though, a Mongolian barbeque sauce in the fridge so I might just try giving them a little grill time.

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