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Frustration, sleep and victory

I tried getting in touch with the Lawson recruiter today but got his voice mail twice. Grr. I'll try again in the morning as I'll be up later than usual and likely will have better luck getting in touch with him.

I got in some good sleep today. We had dog visitors again, the male half of their owners being out of town, they are visiting three days this week. It's always nice to sleep with a big, warm dog.

Got to see the entirety of the Twins game this evening as it's my day to come into work a bit later than usual. And the Twins won! If they can win tomorrow (in what should be a good game based on the pitching match-up) they'll be back in a tie for first with the White Sox. Then the Twins go to Cleveland while the Sox have to face the Sox. White vs. Red, that is. With luck, the Twins could be on top by the time the White Sox come to town next week.

Apart from that, life is slow. I'm hoping to get to more yard work this weekend. I've come up with a plan for a border around my planned garden and might do some work on that over the weekend. Of course, it appears that it might be raining then so we'll play it by ear.

I'm also planning to get to the monthly poker game with my gaming friends. I've missed this game for like six months now and am feeling particularly socially lacking of late. It'll be good to see the guys again.

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