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Continuing strength

I left off at:

minnehaha share their experiences in ways that don't make you (too) jealous.
minnehaha are such a great couple they can share their LJ.
minnehaha throw the best parties!

pegkerr look fabulous in dark green.
pegkerr makes creative works from the cloth of imagination.
pegkerr tells great stories about her girls.

rvrjoe775 is happily married to a great husband!
rvrjoe775 does the thankless job of President without complaint.
rvrjoe775 has a calm presence.

And, last but not least:

I remember webbob from Stipple-Apa.
webbob comes up with good technical information whenever someone has a problem in his sphere of expertise.
webbob was partial inspiration for getting my debt in order.

There. It feels good to have done that and I hope others pick up the idea. If nothing else, it can be a good way to examine a friends list that's gotten out of control. If you can't think of three good things to say about someone, do they still need to be on your friends list? I'm happy to say that everyone on my list belongs there (and some others probably do as well but I haven't got around to adding them).

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