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More strength

Continuing my plan to go through my friends list and come up with at least three positive things to say about each person:

And I'm up to:

fredcritter taught me all those songs.
fredcritter takes very cool photographs.
fredcritter is a gentle soul.
It always makes me happy to see fredcritter.

jonsinger says, "Hi!"
jonsinger is becoming a quite able potter.
jonsinger always has interesting ideas on the subject.

ktynes raised a very odd boy who is my friend.
ktynes is another Johnny Depp fan.
ktynes cares about her family a great deal.

mizzlaurajean is my favorite Prairie Cocktail Hostess.
mizzlaurajean does what she thinks is right even if she gets crap for it.
mizzlaurajean has a great sense of style.

laurel introduced me to great TV shows I would have otherwise missed.
laurel knows the secret of bacon dispensers and other silliness.
laurel roots for the Twins.
laurel got me started on this crazy LiveJournal thing.

lsanderson regularly makes fabulous dips.
lsanderson quietly bailed me out at MarsCon.
I always see lsanderson adding to the enjoyment of the party.

markiv1111 wrote all those other songs.
markiv1111 always has time for a budding musician.
markiv1111 paid me one of the great compliments of 2002.

And now work intervenes. More later.

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