Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges


Been far too long since I've updated here. Life's been busy, as you may well imagine.

Our bathroom remodeling project has begun and is now in full swing. If you've done this sort of thing before, you know the chaos I'm living through. Every day seems to bring something new and wonderful to deal with. I don't think I've made it to work on time once in the last couple of weeks. I'm dealing with it pretty well, but Ericka is getting more stressed as the process stretches out. Of course, not having a bathroom she can access in the house for over a week and looking to last for a while grates on her nerves; I understand completely. I'm dealing pretty well, but I'm also not in the noise and dust and mishaps all day.

Yesterday brought some fun, though. I received the new FireWire CD-RW drive I'd ordered from Amazon. Today I burned my first CD! It went off without a hitch and I played about a quarter of it on the drive in to work. Ever since my favorite radio station switched format I've been looking forward to being able to do this and now it's a reality. Road CDs here I come!

Summer bustles along busily between remodeling and summer activities. Volleyball on the weekends, MNStf meetings, poker, parties, going out to see bands. All very fun and more of it to come. Weather is hot and I think it's recharging my batteries. Either that or the drugs are kicking in.

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