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Now that's some baseball

I didn't get a chance to go to the dome for the Twins game last night, but did catch it on TV. It's great watching baseball games from Tivo because I can zip past all the commercials and low-action things like trips to the mound and pitching changes. And I can rewind to see spectacular plays.

It's worth reading over the game log at ESPN to get a feel for how the game went. After the Cleveland half of the first, I was prepared to be depressed for nine innings. Cleveland had two runs on three hits and a Minnesota error and Mays was getting rocked by Clevelands stellar power hitters. But by the end of the first, the Twins had tied it and my hopes grew again.

It was tense all game, even when the Twins were up by six runs. Cleveland hit five home runs during the course of the game and their power was always a threat. The best moment, to my mind, came when Christian Guzman bunted for a home run. Well, OK, the official score will show that he reached on the bunt and scored on the pitcher's throwing error. All I know is that they guy bunted and ended up crossing home before the play was over. That's some hustle.

I'm thinking that Minnesota will likely end up splitting this series with Cleveland and that'll be just fine. With Pittsburgh and Houston coming to the Dome after the Indians leave, it looks like it'll be a good home stand.

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