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Why I hate meetings

Or at least today's example of why I hate meetings:

We get called into a team meeting tonight to dispense information and stave off rumors. (No, no more layoffs are planned.) After everything gets said that needs to be said, there are a few questions. Those either get answered or tabled until our manager can get information. Then, rather than waiting a few minutes and saying "OK, if there's nothing else? ... OK. Everyone back to work!" she waits a few minutes and doesn't say anything. So someone pipes up with a tangential topic and tells a bit of a story. It ends. There are a few more minutes. Another story begins.

At this point, I turn to my manager, ignoring the story in progress and ask, "Is that all?" She says yes. I stand up, walk from behind the table, around the room and out the door past the person telling the story. See, I have this job that's due in about an hour and a half and I know proofreading would like more than 30 minutes to work on it. So I'm not staying in any meeting where pointless stories are being told when I've got work to do.


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