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Surprising one's self

Killing time during the slow work night while keeping an eye on the rush jobs on the board, waiting for proofreaders to get through the mountain of paperwork we've cranked through. So I figured I'd go pay my water bill. The Minneapolis utility billing office's web site wouldn't work for me at home for reasons that seem to be browser related. Here at work we use the Windows so I thought I'd give it a try.

Sure enough, the site worked fine this OS and browser. It wouldn't take my credit cards which I don't understand, but that's a separate issue.

Then I decided that I hadn't heard from my Discover card in a while, so I'd go check out how that debt was doing. I'd been paying bills earlier today and came across the form they'd sent me to request a lower rate on my card. (Trickily, they won't let you ask for a "lower" rate, you have to ask for a specific one which they will approve or deny. If you're denied, you have to make the request again. Meanwhile, you get charged the higher rate. Bastages.)

I fretted myself a bit for carrying a few thousand dollars on that card, particularly at an obnoxious interest rate. I was paying bills earlier and so feeling a bit flush with the cash; I decided I'd check in an make a payment ahead of schedule (or just in time if I'd somehow missed a bill).

Upon logging in I was a bit confused to see that I had thousands of dollars of available credit. Then, upon looking at the transactions, I remembered that I'd sent them a large check from my house refinancing! Oh, yeah!

So this means that I currently have less than $600 of credit card debt (and less than that, if you figure in the over-payment made to my U of M Credit Union Visa card).

Rock on!

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