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I work with morons

So my company is moving into its spiffy new headquarters next month. The first thing moving over is our data center; all the computers that help run our business and the associated networking gizmos. This will be happening over the holiday weekend.

Stuff moving includes the machines that run our web site.

Now, let's say your a billion-dollar company who's web site gets decent traffic and is one of the main ways your customers and shareholders get information about what's going on. You need to move the web site machines to a new location in a relatively short time frame. Do you:

  1. Divert traffic to a back-up server while the primary machines move, cutting back over to the primaries once they are back up and running, or,
  2. Shut down the machines for three straight days and pray they are ready to come back up after the holiday?

You can probably guess which one we're doing. Over my strong objections.


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