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Rotten buggers

So after the "normal" was all dished out last night, two co-workers and I set out to tackle a set of jobs using our spiffy new (read "unproven") typesetting tools using Microsoft Word. In addition to the normal struggles we've had with these tools, which I've described before, the type of job was different than we normally deal with. This was from our "funds" group which we recently integrated with our "financial" group; their ideas of style and ours are quite different. If, for example, we see a heading is set centered and bold, that's all the further we look and set it that way. They, however, will change the head to all caps if that's what the style shows even if the client's provided data is in normal titling case. A valid way to do things, but different than we're used to.

So the result has been to have these jobs going through extra sets of proofreading because we just can't catch all the things in the style without slowing down the process terribly. (Oh, those colons are supposed to be changed to em dashes? OK.) It also doesn't help any that the style reference had little to do with the actual jobs and so the whole thing got set before we had a decent style reference.

As of last night, though, we had a good start on things. One of the four jobs was ready to final and send to the sales office. Another was complete and in proofreading. Two others were well started.

I find out now that, in the face of another slow night, we still have these jobs in the shop. Virtually nothing has been done with them on the first two shifts today. So we could very likely be stuck with working on these crappy jobs again!

Lazy daytime bastages!

The only remaining hope is that there are a couple of rush jobs that we're working on, but those are going a bit too quickly and we'll probably get them out of here in our typical efficiency. Damn us and our work habits!

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