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One weekend down, another week to go - Peter Hentges

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August 26th, 2003

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12:28 am - One weekend down, another week to go
Got a lot of physical labor in this weekend. This contributed to a lot of physical sloth as well. Spent most of Sunday sleeping. Did catch an interesting showing of Alien Resurrection on AMC. They showed it in letterbox with little bits of trivia in the lower portion of the screen. Had to back up and catch a few bits here and there. Plus it was edited for content and cut up with commercials. Bleah. Afterward, though, was a 2-hour documentary on the making of the four films of the Alien franchise. Interesting stuff.

Took a bit of time early this morning to get the house a bit squared away; dishes, trash, change the litter box, that sort of thing. Then it was back to sleep for me until Ericka's new helper started on her way over. To get from the office of the service that provide's Ericka's helpers to our house takes two turns (assuming you start north on Snelling). She managed to get herself lost despite three phone calls from her cell along the way. Not the brightest bulb.

After she arrived I got in more nap and then watched a bit of sumo (there being no Twins game today) and the beginning of the Joseph Campbell special on PBS from a couple of days ago.

And now on to another week of work. Not very busy today so I may have more later.
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Date:August 26th, 2003 04:36 am (UTC)

Helper I.Q Quiz

A few years back, we were taking care of my mother. A new helper showed up and I was showing her around. She took one look at our juryriq home theater upstairs and immediately knew which remote to pick up. Yes, she was the best we ever had.

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