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Operation Cleanup--Stage 3: In Progress

Taking a break for water. Have dug up half the sod portion of what lies south of the house and am starting on the rockier portion where the weeds had reigned supreme. Thing learned: When digging up sod, turn your shovel toward the patch you previously dug up. This allows your leverage to tear the root mass from the next piece to be dug and makes turning it over a lot easier.

The weedy portion seems like it will go a bit quicker than the sod as a) there aren't as many plant roots to deal with and b) what there are for roots don't seem to extend as deep. The downside is that this portion of the ground nearest the house is also the rockiest, so maybe it'll be a wash.

For reference, the area I'm planning on digging up is about 600 square feet (60 x 10).

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