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Operation Cleanup--Stage 1: Complete! - Peter Hentges

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August 23rd, 2003

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03:57 pm - Operation Cleanup--Stage 1: Complete!
The big weekend project of cleaning up the south side of my house and prepping areas for more attractive plants next year is under way!

I have just completed the first task of tearing out all the tall weeds along the south side of the house and carting the huge mounds of organic matter to the compost pile. That'll be some tasty stuff in a couple of months. One side effect is that, thanks to the large crop of catnip, I'm now very popular with the cat.

Stage 2 will be removing the volunteer tree that's sprung up behind the shrubbery and transplanting the hostas that were inadvisably placed there. But first! Re-hydrate and cool off a bit.
Current Mood: accomplished

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