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Tuneless and yet, jazzed

I'm still bouncy over my gardening plans, which is probably a good thing. Lots of good comments from folks, thanks for the advice/pointers! So far, the only negative person about the whole thing has been Ericka's most reliable helper, but then she's got something to say about everything it's usually to either complain about it or one-up your knowledge of it. Sigh.

But that does not get me down! I have cool book recommendations from daedala! I have a possible design contact from sraun!

I spent most of last night looking at Japanese gardens. This site in particular was cool; I like their method of laying out the various photos of the gardens so you get an idea of how the pieces relate to each other.

The current grand plan involves putting a Zen-like garden in the back corner of my yard with the "dry landscape" water feature turning into a gravel stream running along the fence with my neighbor. Also in this corner I want a sitting place that I could share with others; a place to chat, relax, enjoy a cup of tea. A part of that sitting place would be an outdoor fireplace to keep off the chill or early spring, late fall or mild winter nights.

All this on line perusing has kept me too busy/excited to put on my iPod headphones and zone out while at work. So where I usually have some music running, I've been just concentrating on this idea/toy. Weird.

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