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It's one of those stretches of summer weather here in Minnesota that makes you want to move south. At least, down there, they have the attitude and architecture to deal with heat like this. Not that it's all that hot; 90-something I can deal with. It is, as they say, the humidity.

Yesterday, when I arrived at work, I stepped out of my car and my glasses fogged up. This is a usual occurrence in Minnesota in the winter when you go from the frigid, dry outside to the warm, moist inside. Here, it was happening when I was going from my cool (AC on) car to the oppressive, damp outside.

I could deal with the humidity if I could be outside all day, in the shade, perhaps on a nice wide porch, with a cool drink in my hand and an occasional fanning. Instead, I am at work where, despite an AC system that frequently has people putting on sweaters, they can't seem to defeat the humidity. My glass of ice water develops a puddle on my desk. My shirt sticks to my body. There's an unpleasant oiliness in touching just about anything.

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