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Lazy weekend and busy Monday

I ended up choosing to not go out to the camp out/role-playing game on Saturday night. It was miserable muggy out and I had plenty to keep my occupied at home with various entertainments. Ericka and I ended up watching a movie late that night. Sunday was fairly sluggish as well with not much happening in the grand scheme of things. The only downside to all this sluggishness was that I didn't really get any rest either. Not any extra, anyway.

Then tonight at work there was a horrible job to be worked on. The client had taken one of their previous filings, Marked changes in their word processor and sent the file back to us to start a new job for the amended filing. The problem was, however, that they took all the structured tables and did something wacky to completely hose them. They came back looking as if someone took the nice tabulated data and had de-tabbed it. All the table headings and data ran together and it was nearly impossible to figure out what figures went in which column. I spent six hours figuring all that out to the best of my ability and preparing the files to be worked by the group. While my work was hard, tedious and frustrating, the folks I prepped the files for and the poor proofreaders had the worst of it, I fear.

Got Brandy out for a good walk this morning as I watered my newly-planted plants. (Well, newly as in a couple of weeks ago.) It looks like we're expecting weather today so having her bladder emptied before the storms hit would be a good idea if I want any sleep whatsoever today.

Speaking of which, I can feel my eyelids droop, so I should go hit the hay!

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