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A busy night

I'm thinking that we're getting some spill-over from jobs that would have been worked last night but for the power outage on the East Coast. I've got one job that was due 15 minutes ago going through quality check now. Another is on our job board and due in 45 minutes, but unlikely to make that due time. The nice thing is that this has meant plenty of time eaten up by being busy so the night is flying along.

Friends of mine are currently camping out at a park in the far hinterlands of Hennepin county. They have two role-playing games scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights. These are big affairs of the LARP variety, but written with care by friends and they tend to be very fun, character-driven scenarios. The daylight between the games is eaten up by volleyball games and general hanging out. I'm debating whether to drive out for the game on Saturday night. Right now, the heat and humidity has me leaning toward the "not bother" side of the decision. The up side to going would be that many of my friends are out there and it would be good to see them. I waffle.

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