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Five questions

Yes, its the shower meme. It's still here. Here's my questions from envoy:
  1. A slightly complex question, given 3 time durations; 30 minutes, an evening, a full weekend, but otherwise any friends you might wish to have over to join you and any equipment you might need, what game/games would you play in each of those stretches of time with your friends?
30 minutes: Probably Lunch Money. Nothing like a good smack down to get one jazzed for whatever else remains of the day. Say, you look like you need your ass kicked.

An evening: That's a tough one. It'd be something that I'd like to complete so much of the gaming that I'd usually do in an evening wouldn't be right. I'm going to go with either a role-playing scenario of the LARPy form or Once Upon A Time. LARP could be extra-cool with your proviso that I get any equipment I might need because that could mean cool props and costumes and sets. OUAT would be great with the right group of people for an evening.

A full weekend: This one is easy because I live the adventure every year. A small group of friends and I got up to my one buddy's cabin for a weekend and play a game for the whole weekend. It's typically a different game depending on what we're playing at the time, but is always a wargame of some sort. My choice would be World in Flames, as I like the way that it brings much of WWII history alive for me.
  1. You are given the opportunity to change one factor about how the Great Phannish Schism (sp?)happened, but you cannot stop it from happening. What would you change?
Another easy one: the manner in which the change to Minicon was communicated. I really like the diversity of conventions and fannish activities that have come out of the whole thing. Many of these wouldn't have happened if Minicon kept on keeping on. The main thing that was a problem, though, was that people heard only that they were bad or not wanted. This is because this is the message that was communicated most effectively. The message that didn't get out was that, really the only thing people running the convention wanted to change was that they wanted themselves and their friends to stop being hurt by running it. Masquerade? Too big a drain on manpower and money. Costumes? Love 'em! Drum jam? Knock yourself out, but don't demand the convention do anything to make it happen. Film? As a Minnesota non-profit corporation, the club running the con has issues with copyrights and public showings. Want to show anime in your room party? Excellent!
  1. Scotch, which one is your current favorite, and why (multiples are fine if you can't narrow yourself down)? If you were given the chance to enjoy a glass of any scotch in the whole world, price being no object, which would you choose, and why?
My all time favorite is the Port Ellen 15-year-old. It's a whiskey of the Islay variety, meaning that it is distilled and aged on that island. It's nose has hints of sea-water, its body has a lovely malt character that is smooth and flavorful. The amount of peatiness characteristic of this type is mild, making it a whiskey that many different kinds of folks can enjoy. It's finish is long, lingering and smooth, leaving a whisper of smoke on the palate. Sadly, the distillery was shut down and it is no longer produced. So, currently, I would most likely go with the Bowmore 17-year-old. It is an excellent whiskey in all qualities and its finish is even more sublime than the Port Ellen's. Its drawback is that it is more pronounced in its character so that it will likely only be enjoyed by those that already enjoy scotch. They, however, will love it.

If I were to enjoy any scotch available, I would go to the member's room of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society in Edinburgh. There, I would have the bartender suggest one of the society malts. While single malt scotches are made from a single batch of grain, or malting, the bottlings are made from blending several barrels of the whiskey made from that malting. The Society is unique in that they bottle whiskey at cask strength (typically about 60% alcohol) from a single barrel. The result is whiskies with individual characters that cannot be had elsewhere.
  1. By snapping my fingers I can give you a PhD-Level education in any one traditional subject (no custom degree programs allowed), complete with degree and everything, which major would you decide? You are allowed a minor as well, which would you take?
I would take the doctorate in History, I think. History has a lot to teach us and the general education behind it would be useful in a variety of endeavors. I'm cynical enough about the current job market that I'd probably want a minor in Business Administration about now. In my fantasy world, though, I'd probably take a minor in a technical field, perhaps Physics.
  1. One time only, by snapping your fingers, you can cause to come into being one entire book, a brand new work, in any genre by any single author, EXCEPT RELIGIOUS TEXTS ('cause that's too easy), what would the title of the book be and who would have written it? (addendum it *can* be another book in an already existing series, if it is, please name the series.)
I'm going to go with Edgar Allen Poe. The title isn't important to me, I have a hard enough time remembering them anyway. He's the first name that comes to me in the "before their time," category, though. In the time it's taken me to write this, though, the idea of William Shakespeare has percolated up through my subconscious too.

So, by the rules of the game, I am now offering to ask questions of those that leave comments to this entry asking that I do so. Who's up?


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