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And now the end....

And so peak comes to an end. I got sent home early yesterday, so the dilemma of how to stay awake did not last long. Today, I awoke at about 8:00 p.m. after being up for a bit in the afternoon and called in to work. Having been sent home early the previous two days for lack of work, it seemed reasonable to check if I was needed to come in early. I was told to come in.

And sat here for a while waiting for stuff to do. They finally came up with a new set job for us to work on rather than sending off to our vendor in India that handles most of that sort of work for us.

And, having finished that off in short order, there was rumor that we'd get another 100 pages of it to do. Yay! But, unfortunately, that was not to be and so we now sit here without work to do.

I went in to check on the area where fredcritter is working and they looked to be in good shape for the amount of help they have. I should check in with Fred and see if they've been busy for the duration, which is the impression I've had. If so, it seems that at least they're staffing that area well.

Have had pizza but missed out on left-over soup and salad from second shift. Those blackguards must have ate it all. Well, there's always hope for pizza tomorrow (and cupcakes, we always get cupcakes at the end of peak).

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