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Emergency preparedness

So now I'm in a dilemma. I am prepared for staying here late at work and being sleepy. I have two Ritalin doses (in case I was sleepier than this earlier). If I were to take a dose now, however, I'd likely be up until noon. Not the end of the world, but I prefer to sleep in the morning and have a couple of hours knocking 'round the house before heading in to work. On the other side of the equation: there's nothing to do. So I could be sent home early as I was yesterday. This would mean additional sleep this morning, keeping me on a better sleep schedule for the return to post-peak scheduling and would mean not jacking myself up with chemicals to keep awake.

So I think the thing to do is go with a package of M&Ms from the vending machine. Crunchy chocolate to stave off the nods until someone decides I'm really not needed here any longer.

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