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Small minds

So driving in to work this morning, I couldn't believe my ears.

Last week, the U.S. was up for selection to vacant seats on two United Nations committees dealing with human rights and drugs. We lost elections to those committees. I suspect that the current administration's position on the Kyoto global warming treaty and the recent international relations gaffes are to blame. Not to mention U.S. opposition to U.N. initiatives like a permanent war crimes tribunal and the land mine treaty.

But this morning I heard something I just couldn't believe. So when I got to work, I trotted over to and found the news. Here's the pertinent excerpt: "House International Relations Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Illinois, and ranking Democrat Rep. Tom Lantos of California are expected to sponsor an amendment to the State Department's spending authorization bill. The amendment would put a hold on the final payment the U.S. owes the U.N. in back dues."

So we owe the U.N. $244 million. We acknowledge the obligation. But some pea-brains want to not pay it because we didn't get on a couple of committees? Why must they make me agree with our President? Even George W's handlers have him say that tying the paying of dues we owe to actions of the U.N. is counter-productive.

Sometimes, I think the nation needs a mom.

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