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A brief lull

Everything is in proofreading and shifts are beginning to overlap, so it's a bit odd here at work. Add in that, on my normal schedule, I'd be out of here by now. Then home and sleeping within a couple of hours. Since this is a 12-hour day, though, I'm here for another two hours.

Waiting for my one file to be proofread so I can get the big honking job in for a quality check. In the meantime, let's surf the net, shall we?

My friend revjohn has recently taken possession of some spiffy custom bookcases. You can see pictures of them and become envious on his site.

The most appealing thing in my "gold box" today is this robotic vacuum cleaner.

My friend Nicole is having bad TMJ. Have emailed her in an attempt to hook her up with Ericka who does the CranioSacral thang and is a font of information.

Am studiously avoiding checking out the results of last night's Twins game as I have it to watch on the trusty TiVo.

I think I'm having some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation. That or my narcolepsy is kicking in. Must remember the Ritalin tomorrow.

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