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Truncated weekend

Well, the weekend is nearly over for me; I have to work this evening. I'm guessing that it'll be a slow night at work as things have been fairly slow all week. Tomorrow through Wednesday night, I'll be working 12-hour days and hope things will be a bit more busy then as the filing deadline approaches. This is going to throw off my recent routine of turning Sunday night into Laundry and Bills night, but it can't be helped. It'll be good to get in the overtime as I missed so much time last week.

Things appear to have quieted down over on the natter front; nothing new posted since Friday. People must be out enjoying the fine example of Minnesota summer we've had the last few days.

Went out and had ice cream with a friend last night on the spur of the moment. Was kinda cool getting out of the house on a Saturday night like that. Wouldn't mind doing that again sometime.

Had brief thoughts of calling up fredcritter late last night, figuring he'd be up as I was, but I opted to sneak in a nap instead. snuggled up with the cat and got some sleep stored up for the heavy work-week coming up.

Watched the Twins complete their sweep of the Tigers this afternoon. The race in the American League Central is very much a tree-team contest now. The Twins are in third place but only 2.5 games behind Kansas City and 2 games behind Chicago before today's games.

I think it's time to go find a silly skiffy movie on the TV and get in another bit of nap before I head off to work this evening. What's in store for your night and week?

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