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Oh, happy Friday!

The day started out quite lovely and now that work is winding down, seems to be ending up just fine too.

Ericka had an appointment at the lymph-edema clinic today that she kept despite still having some lingering illness. The therapist was the woman who did Ericka's intake processing and Ericka's been looking forward to working with her. From the results today, that seems to be a relationship that will work out well for Ericka. Ericka returned tired, but very pleased. She also learned that her recent bug could be a result of the new compression garments she's been wearing. They could be doing their job and getting the lymph moving and, thus, dumping crud that's collected in them back into her system. So, while not pleasant in the short term, this is the process that we want to stimulate long term so that said crud doesn't accumulate.

I got in some good sleep. Tried a homeopathic remedy for restless sleep. I'm not sure it was fully effective, but the sleep I got seemed to be deep and restful.

I awoke in the middle of the afternoon and ran off for a quick errand. Then I got in another lovely nap, getting up in time to get things taken care of before I had to get to work.

We've had a pretty steady, but not rushed set of work tonight. I've been reading email and perusing LJ off an on. Just a few more things to get done for a job that's due Tuesday next week. Best get to it.

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