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The final hour

The day slowly winds down here at work.

I had a very sleepy day today, probably a result of all that good food for breakfast yesterday. Plus, having overnight dogs meant having a few extra chores in the morning before getting to sleep and I wanted to get a piece of email written so that I could sleep on it before sending it. Got all of that done and a nap in before the afternoon.

I awoke and sent off the mail, hopefully to good response, did a little more net noodling and then settled in for a cat nap. Which is to say, a nap with the cat; always a good thing. I didn't awake until it was nearly time to get to work a good six hours later. So I'd guess that I got in about 10 hours today.

People here at work are doing the silly word-scramble puzzle that management has come up with for a contest this peak. There's always some little thing and they give out gift certificates/cards to various stores (Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.) along with these. Given the puzzled looks I'm guessing no one knows about the Internet Anagram Server which strikes me as the perfect tool for such a task. I should see how long it takes me to complete using the tool. Yep, that was easy. Probably 10 minutes, all told. It was made easier because they presented the scrambled letters sorted into word groups. So "reef opp" was easy to rearrange into "free pop" even without the use of the tool. The hardest part was taking a letter or three from each word and having to form a sentence from them. There, the tool was useful but not ideal as it has no syntax check. The final answer could easily have been "Faery ton hop your hulk!!" for all the anagram server cared. (The answer was "Thank you for your help!!")

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