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Ramping up

It's quarterly peak time here at work again. This is why we've staffed up by bringing fredcritter in. The ability for us to go off and have good breakfast and conversation is just a bonus.

At this point, the only thing that distinguishes peak from a normal day at work for me is my manager bringing in sloppy joes and the presence of free soda and juice (limit two per night). If anything, because our clients are focusing on the particular forms they have to get filed, we have less "regular" work. This will all likely change over the weekend and into the beginning of next week as the filing deadline approaches.

I've volunteered to work on Sunday and be on call on Saturday in hopes of getting in extra hours to make up for the time I missed late last week and early this week.

Ericka's family (or some sub-set of it) is coming in this weekend for a visit (as Ericka's birthday just passed on Wednesday). We'll have the Niece That Reads staying over on Saturday while the rest of the family goes off to the Mall of America. In addition to Ericka being the Coolest Aunt, I have apparently been elevated to Cool As Well because I have read Xanth novels (she's very into Xanth just now).

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