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Once more into the breach...

I find myself quite pleasantly surprised that I'm having a productive discussion around Second Amendment issues on a public mailing list. I think that having "etiquette" in the subject line is keep the primaries on their best behavior. When I return home this morning, however, I have to finish my latest missive (which, for some reason, is not stored in my mail so that I can access it via web here at work as I thought it was). In that, I have to broach the idea that my compatriot in etiquette is coming off as, well, an arrogant ass in some of his statements. Have to work on the delivery of that one.

I am at work tonight, which means that Ericka is feeling better. She went on a third antibiotic last night and seemed much better early this morning. She had a rough day of it and was pretty miserable by dinner time. She was well enough by the time I was ready to go to work that I'm not too worried about her

Stopped over to say "hi" to fredcritter and set up our rendezvous for breakfast.

We have overnight dog guests today. Very cute to have them all crash out in their various chosen spots about when I was ready to get up and go to work. Darwin, the yellow lab mix, was on the couch with me. Brandy was in her spot by the door to the garage from the living room. Lucy, the sheltie, was on the bed. When I suggested to Ericka that I'd let them outside before I went, they all perked up and went from sleeping to energetic in nothing flat. Who knew that "outside" was the magic dog word for "it's time to play!"

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