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Home with the sick

Ericka is having a rough couple of days of it. She's got a nasty hacking cough and it's been difficult for her to breath; she's pretty miserable. The ironic thing is that after a couple of days of this she usually calls into the doctor and gets a prescription for antibiotics ordered up but she's already taking antibiotics. If she's not better in the morning I'm going to suggest she call anyway as she may have a resistant strain of something that a different antibiotic would help.

In the meantime, I keep up on the MN-Stf natter email list (where the current bru-ha-ha continued unabated, yet again), for which I feel vaguely like I should shower. I think I've succeeded in staying friends with everyone involved, as odd as that seems.

In other news, it seems I'll be working with fredcritter soon, for a while at least. He let me know the other day that he'll be starting training for the kind of position that I started out in at Merrill. Right now, it will be solely for the up-coming peak, but who knows? Welcome aboard, Fred! Hope it goes well for you!

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