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New stuff!

So I did go and check out that backpack. It is much larger than I guessed from the photo, which is a good thing as it means that I can use it to carry enough stuff that my rack trunk may not be necessary. As of tonight, I have my laptop, rain gear and iPod (along with charger and cord) in it. The only other things I'd add for summer days would be the spare tube and tool kit I cart around. In the Fall, I'd add the arm warmers I picked up this Spring. The weather-resistant zippers look well designed and the overall construction seems solid and well-designed.

You might find it too big to fit comfortably, daedala, but I'll bring it to the MN-Stf picnic on Saturday so you can check it out.

In other good news the Twins won! I didn't get to see the end of the game as I had to get to work and it ran longer than the three hours the TiVo had it scheduled for. The report from ESPN, though, reads like an exciting finish. So the Twins are now 4.5 games behind the Royals and 3.5 behind the White Sox as the Sox finished their drubbing of the Royals with a 8-6 win in Kansas City. Chicago goes to play the excellent Seattle Mariners and Kansas City plays Tampa Bay while the Twins host Detroit over the weekend. If all the teams play to their potential, the Twins should be able to pick up a couple of games on the Sox, making the AL Central a very tight race going into the last couple of months of the season.

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