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Random thoughts - Peter Hentges

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July 30th, 2003

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05:14 am - Random thoughts
Have about an hour and a half to kill here at work and there's nothing going on. So I surf the web and listen to tunes to keep myself amused.

I've found a few consumer products that I want to pick up. (That should be enough for my part of stimulating the economy, good daedala.) One set of stuff I just ordered from amazon.com and includes a b-day present for Ericka (August 6, if you were wondering). I hope she likes and that she doesn't have it already. (Did a quick looking yesterday and didn't see it so fingers crossed.)

The other thing I want to pick up is this pack from REI. After my mishap with my laptop last night as I successfully kept the cat from getting out, I figured something with a padded sleeve would be good. I also wanted something that I could wear while riding my bike that wouldn't be awkward or too sweaty. So I'm hoping to get to an REI store and try one out before buying.

August 2 is shaping up as a busy day. There's the MN-Stf picnic and I'm wanting to go play some poker that evening. I suppose I can do the picnic in the afternoon and play poker in the evening. Considering skipping the picnic, though, as that would let me get the nightly prep for Ericka done and avoid driving back home in between. Hmm.

Looks like some rain passed through in the night, but I didn't get an anguished call from Ericka saying that the dog was attempting to crawl under something and tipping it over so I'm guessing we didn't get much in the way of thunder. I hope that carries through for the rest of the day. (30% chance of precip, according to weather.com.) The rain would be good for my newly-transplanted plants, but thunder would excite my dog and have her keep me awake.

The difficult thing about calling people in the morning is that one never really knows how early is too early to call someone. I have a rule-of-thumb that after 10:00 p.m. it's too late to call someone (lacking specific information to the contrary). No such rule for the morning, however. For every person that's up with the sun, there's someone that's sleeping until noon. I'll give it until 9:00 a.m. this morning before making the calls I need to and hope that's good enough.

I'd like to be a person that goes grocery shopping every day. Wander through the local store and pick up something fresh or interesting for the day's meal(s). On the other hand, I'd like to be a person that has a well-stocked larder/pantry and can whip up something interesting from what I've got stockpiled. Not that these are mutually exclusive but right now I'm not either. Right now I'm a person that looks in the refridgerator, sighs, and fixes myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: When I'm Up--Great Big Sea--Road Rage

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Date:July 30th, 2003 07:44 am (UTC)
I was all set to Fringe the day away on Saturday, but now I want to go to the picnic. If nothing else, we can have a croquet tourney. Also we are missing the entire run of the State Fair due to Burning Man, so I am thinking about going to the Hennepin Co. Fair on Sunday. This will further cut into my Fringe time.

K. [decisions, decisions]
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Date:July 30th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC)
August 2 is starting to look impossible to me. I was planning to go to the Powderhorn Arts Festival, but then I made plans to take care of the leaky porch roof with Jill that day, and I've got plans in the evening to rehearse with a group for a musical garden party on National Night Out. I don't see how I can manage the picnic.

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