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Biked in, wrapped up

I purposefully took some extra time to warm up and stretch before riding my bike into work tonight. Was thinking that it's been a while since I've done this and there's no sense getting myself all sore in the process. That, combined with the newly-lubed chain made the ride surprisingly easy. I kept to lower gears and gave myself plenty of time and the ride went very well. Even the hill from the railroad tracks to 280, which typically has me shifting down to my granny gears, was very do-able. A quick cool-down turn around the hockey ring next to work and I was still punched in early. (Which is good as I was late yesterday; gotta make up those minutes for the paycheck.)

Ericka got "compression garments" today. She'd been measured for these a few weeks ago and they were finally ready for her to pick up and try. They are basically heavy-duty elastic fabric that make up a set of socks, capri pants and thigh-high stockings. She mixes and matches these layers to provide compression for her legs to abdomen where her lymph flow is not what it should be. The idea is to provide the same kind of treatment we've been doing with the mummy wraps but in easy pull-on form. She can get mummy wraps on top of these if she needs it.

So we're hoping they help bunches and that they'll make it easier to keep the treatment going between clinic sessions. So far, they seem to be working well.

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