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Busy work

Been busy with work all night. We've had a job using our brand-spanking (read beta-testing) Word-to-Typeset tool in. It was due at 05:00 a.m. I am, as I type, waiting for the Quality Check and the edits that will come out of that and it is 05:49 a.m. So much for speed and accuracy.

It's not all the tool's fault. Rather than a bunch of typesetters and a bunch of proofreaders working on small chunks of this we've had me (and one other typesetter for part of the time) and one proofreader doing the whole thing. Still, the tool is clunky for parts of our work. Like financial tables which make up a significant part of the documents we produce.

At home, Ericka and I watched the Comedy Central presentation of Cecil B. Demented and both found it kind of odd and silly. Which is, I suppose, what it was going for and so I guess it succeeded. My favorite part: "Will you set your hair on fire for our movie?"

Didn't ride into work tonight as, apart from a clean bike chain, the other thing I need to get my act back into riding to work is proper time management. Needed to wrap Ericka before work and also needed to get my hair combed (all that mulching makes a guy all tousled). The latter took me longer than anticipated so I ended up being late to work even after giving up on riding in. Twins game on Wednesday so I'll be shooting for riding in on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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