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The further adventure of Laundry Lad!

I think "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is rubbing off on me. I actually left a social engagement this evening because I had to get home and do laundry. I'm having occasional flashes of "If the Fab 5 came in right now, what would they say?" Followed of course by a chorus of girlish screams of horror and deep-throated witty repartee of disapproval.

So tonight I'm doing laundry. Almost done now, have t-shirts to fold and the last load in the dryer. Once that's done, there's the cat box to change and then I'll be done in the basement for the nonce.

Also did get my bike chain cleaned today. Ready to ride to work at least twice this week. Have a Twins game on Wednesday so it likely won't be that day. Need to see if kaustin wants to go or if minnehaha B is in town. If all else fails, there's my old fall-back buddy, Jim.

With finances pretty straightened out on my end, I'm feeling pretty free. Considering what to do with my limited largesse and feeling the siren call of consumer spending. But I'm being good so far and working on building up savings. Nothing has jumped up and said that it needs to be purchased now, so I'll be happy with planning for the kinds of things I'll be able to purchase from my savings later. Have to keep in mind my goals and that part of those involve having some liquid savings available if necessary. I also remember that there's about $800 worth of stuff that could be done to my car that I couldn't get done before Winnipeg, so there's that to save up for. Not to mention helping Ericka get out of the debt she built up because of the accident in which she broke her arm.

So still a long way to go, but definite progress.

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