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Weekend planning

Work is typically slow on this Friday night. There's a few things due on Monday, but most of that work has been completed already. So I'm at loose ends again and pondering the best way to make use of my time. I think I'll try to get some writing in if the muse should strike me.

I did find that my Discover bill had not been mailed so that went off in the mail today. I also had used that card for the emergency car repair before Winnipeg so I checked the balance and sent another chunk to them by 'net. After they post those payments I'll see about having them lower their interest rate or transferring what remains to a lower-interest card. That then become first priority for getting paid off with any extra money after the refinancing. After that, the Apple loan (which should be finishing off here pretty quick anyway) and then I work on building up savings.

The other thing my mortgage people suggested was calling and closing the accounts of the slew of credit cards I have but don't use. (Having that much revolving credit available, even if I don't use it, is a hit to my credit rating, I'm told.) So once I get the Discover card thing figured out, I'll be sorting through those cards, picking a couple to keep and closing the rest.

Apart from financial finagling, I'm still planning to clean my bike chain this weekend. Perhaps I'll get out for a ride too. Sunday looks promising, weather-wise.

I should also see what my various groups of friends are up to. I've been something of a hermit since returning from Winnipeg. I have a chunk of friends at Gen Con, I know, so there's fewer social opportunities there. But then, that'll be true of everyone left behind, so perhaps we can all be social together. (Though, of course, if we were the social types, we'd probably go to the convention, neh?)

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