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Is it Friday yet?

Yes, I know for you, gentle reader, it is Friday. It won't be Friday for me until I get to work, though. It feels like I should be done working for the week, however. Must be a side-effect of the Twins win and the nice weather.

I've not been riding in to work of late, I'm sad to say. It started because of my taking Ericka to mummy class in the early, early mornings but has dragged on for far too long. My current excuse is that I need to clean my chain as, when last I looked, it had grabbed up a significant amount of gunk. I think this might have something to do with the sloppy shifting action I had when last I rode.

So my goal for next week is to ride in to work at least two days out of five. That means that I'll need to get the chain cleaned this weekend but that shouldn't be too difficult.

Paid the Qwest bill today, so that's another utility all caught up. I've got this niggling in the back of my head that I haven't mailed off the Discover payoff yet, so I'll check on that when I get home. If not, it'll go off in Friday's mail.

My lead just handed out our payroll advice, meaning that by the time the credit union opens, I'll have several more hundred dollars to my name. Bills fear me!

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