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Well, it is work...

We have the quarterly Sallie Mae job in the shop. They produce a butt-load of tables recording information about all the student loans they administer. We turn those into HTML. It's a job that we all hate, but they do give us plenty of time to do it. It's not due until next week sometime, I believe.

I did my share and am no studiously avoiding any more of it. It is the exact kind of repititious work that I hate about this job. I can get into a groove with that kind of thing for a while, but if I'm not starting a new groove after about 45 minutes, it's been going on too long. The way this job is put together, you're staring at a chunk of it for about twice that long before it's all done.

Got another bill paid today, leaving precious few that haven't been paid off.

The Twins lost again today in a game that turned ugly quickly on the strength of home runs by the Royals. Our loss and Chicago's win puts us in third place again, 6.5 behind KC. Here's hoping we get the game back tomorrow night with Brad Radke on the mound.

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