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A day of productivity and sloth

Got up early yesterday and did a bunch of work on the yard. 90_percent_sure came over and helped me replant some ferns and hostas, making what she dubbed the "North Garden" and the "Woodland Garden" on the north side of my property. I've been wanting to get this done for some time and having someone around to keep me on task helps.

When we'd finished that and were enjoying a celebratory beer, Mary shamed me into cleaning out my gutters, thus ruining the combination rooftop composting and bonsai project. Part-way through, she got the bright idea that we should dig up the overgrown area in front of my living room window and plant the flowering plants that Ericka bought a while ago using the lovely composted sludge from the gutters.

So she weeded, I dumped compost from the rooftop and then we dug up the area, making a real plant bed out of it. We'd just finished getting the half-dozen of plants in when the neighbor across the street offered some irises she was wanting to get out of a part of her fabulous garden/lawn. So a dozen irises went in and we called it a day.

That gardening thing is tiring and I'm glad there was someone to help keep me on task. I so often get started on projects like that and then stop after a small chunk because they're physically draining. So I got all sweaty and filthy but we got a lot accomplished.

After sending 90_percent_sure on her way home I settled in to watch the Twins game and enjoyed watching them complete the sweep of the A's and extend their winning streak to four games. I'm planning to attend tonight's game vs. Seattle with my friend Jeff who is visiting from L.A. We'll see if we can take it to the Mariners as well as Kansas City did. Besides, after sweeping the A's, it would be polite to win a couple from Seattle to help the A's out in the standings, right?

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