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Oh, m'God!

After seeing promos for "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" a few weeks ago and reading the reaction of drewan and rvrjoe775, I finally got to see an episode tonight. The "Fab Five" consultants helped a married man in Long Island remake himself and his house as a present to his wife on her 35th birthday.

While I was worried the show would go to excess in making things too different and new for their subjects, I was impressed by how much of the man's personality remained not only in his demeanor but also in his surroundings. The wardrobe they helped him pick out suited him well and they spent time showing him how to choose things in the future so that he could stay up to date. Likewise, the remake of his home's decor used pieces he already owned. Simple things like using color to tie a room together gave the room a rich, warm presence in which he looked comfortable and also looked as if it would be fairly easy to maintain.

So while it would have been easy to for the "straight guys are so hopeless" angle, the hosts are supportive of the subjects and offer good advice that is easy to implement. The overall effect is one of being nudged in a direction that's just a tad more fabulous.

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