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Another slow night

Bits and snatches of work on and off, but overall, not much to do all night.

I got out to the Apple store and got my iBook power adapter exchanged and also exchanged the iPod car charger that I'd purchased for the Winnipeg trip. So, now that I'll be spending a nice chunk of time at home, I'm already for a mobile lifestyle! Still, the Apple people were quite nice and made the experience as painless as possible.

My friend Jim is taking me to the Twins game Saturday afternoon. The Twins are on a 2-game winning streak after the impressive outing by Johann Santana on Friday night. Here's hoping that Brad Radke has a strong outing to follow those by Santana and Reed.

Planning to do some landscaping work on Sunday. Going to transplant some ferns to the part of my side yard that never gets mowed well in hopes that they take over and don't need mowing. It's on the north side of my property under some pine trees so they should feel right at home.

Monday, my friends the Tidballs and I are going to grab tickets to the Twins game while they are in town.

So a slow Friday night gives way to a busy weekend!

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