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It's like a routine

So today there is no work to do. There was enough yesterday that they asked a few people to come in early. Today, nothing, not a sausage. If things go according to plan, we'll be swamped on Monday.

More Winnipeg memories flutter around my head, most without context, just snips of color and feeling and music.
  • Teaching minnehaha K how to tie a taut-line hitch for her shade structure (with cursed slippery yellow rope, alas).
  • The impromptu joy of mizzlaurajean's cocktail hour, making most of a meal for many.
  • Visions of stilt-walking dance troupe Mortal Coil, particularly the Eagle and Egret during the aboriginal music workshop.
  • The phoenix rising through the northern lights.
  • Fighting the gale as it tried to take the shower structure away, hauling on the rope like a sailor trying to shorten sail.
  • The infectious rhythms of Petrona Martinez on Sunday night.
  • Singing our way back to camp after the finale.

Expect more updates as I grow bored throughout the night.

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