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Hey, that's different

A busy night at work today. There's been something to do all night. Right now I'm waiting for a 200+ page job to print out for final quality check.

Got my refinancing finished yesterday. Took a little longer to close because I left the paper that I'd wrote the directions on in the house as we left. So we ended up at the wrong building the first time. Fortunately, the closing officer was tied up for a while too, so we weren't delaying anyone. Got a nice gift basket from the loan officer. The end result of the refinancing is that I will have be paying a few hundred dollars more on the mortgage itself, but all my home equity line of credit, my credit cards and even my student loan will be paid in full. The overall savings should be about $300/month. That'll make keeping up on bills a lot easier.

In other good news, Ericka has hired a new helper. This woman is a comics fan, a morning person, and loves to swim. So Ericka is getting to get back to her warm pool therapy. In addition to being a great help physically, it's also a place she gets to socialize and have her value affirmed by people other than me. She said people kept coming up to her and telling her how glad they were that she was back. I'm hopeful that the combination of the pool therapy and the lymphedema therapy will give her greater mobility and independence.

A benefit for me in all this is that it means that I won't have to stay awake mornings to get Ericka to her lymphedema appointments. That means that I'll be able to start biking into work again. The exercise will do me good and being able to get a better sleep schedule established will be as well.

In bad news, my iBook's power adapter is kaput. Got home yesterday and went to check mail when I noticed that the little LED on the power cord wasn't lighting up. Checked my connections. Checked the outlet. Swapped the way the adapter connected to the outlet. Somewhere in this process, I noticed the adapter getting hot. I stopped my troubleshooting and let it sit for a while. Started again later and heard a sparky noise coming from the adapter. Closer inspection revealed that the insulation on the outward cord had broken, most likely resulting in a short. So it'll be off to the Apple Store for another one (hopefully under warranty).

But running errands will give me the opportunity to return half a carload of camping stuff to minnehaha so it's not all bad.

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