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The grind

My schedule over the last week has really worn me down. Ericka and I were talking today and both had reached the conclusion that one of the problems is that I never really have time off. I'm working, sleeping, or taking care of Ericka pretty much all the time. When that happens, I get burned out and lots of things slide by the wayside. Bills get late. Things I do for me, like writing, never get done. I don't get out to see my friends.

So I'm trying to think of ways to get that time for just me (as selfish as that sounds) on a regular basis. Suggestions are welcome.

One idea that I've had has been to take a day off and go driving. I was off to help laurel move her couch today and I had the tunes crankin' and the window down and I just felt happy. I wanted to just keep on driving, no where to go, no schedule to keep; just drive.

Another thought has been to take a one-day-a-week "job" as a writer. Go off to a cafe or library with the laptop and just write.

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